Tools and Resources

Thank you for wanting to take action on the campaign to pass the Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the US Constitution!  On this page you will find a number of resources to help you.

To download and print a petition for people to sign, please click here. Please note, it is a two page document with a short description and place for people to sign on the first page and the longer description on the second page.

Model letter to send to your Representatives (use this as a foundation – feel free to add and take away where you like)

NSP Flyer (downloadable)

View and download a printable color page flyer (legal size) for gathering signatures here.

Model letter to send to Progressive Organizations (again, take away and add where you like)

ESRA Q & A (to download pdf click here)

ESRA and the Story of Citizens United Video to share (created with Annie Leonard from the Story of Stuff)


Download all of the above documents in one convenient .zip file

A resolution endorsing the ESRA. It is written for a city council but can be modified for any municipality, organization, faith community, etc.

ESRA written so it applies to a county. In other words, a county (this could be modified for a city, etc.) could adopt the ESRA itself.

A bill for a municipality to adopt that would require the municipality to require that any business seeking a contract with that municipality of over $1 million submit an environmental and social responsibility report that sets forth their practices and the business with the highest rating (that can also perform the terms of the contract) would receive the contract.

For informative recordings on the ESRA, see below:

ESRA Explained

Advocating for the ESRA