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There are no more Rosa Parks’s, Martin Luther King’s, Gandhi’s – the day of individual leaders leading the masses are gone. There is only each and every one of you – all of us. We cannot build a movement alone. We need your engagement – financially, energetically, and physically.

We all know what the problems are and many of us know what solutions are needed but most people give up because they think they can’t do this alone and they’re right – they can’t. But TOGETHER WE CAN.

Won’t you join us?

  • You can join our efforts by joining or starting a chapter. Click here to learn more.
Professional or Workplace Taskforce:
  • By starting or joining a professional or workplace task force (working group) whose goal is to explore how to transform your workplace or profession so it actually functions based on the values of the New Bottom Line
Interfaith Clergy Leadership Team:
  • If you are a clergy member, please consider joining our interfaith clergy leadership team
Organizational Involvement:
  • Your organization can join our Network as well. Let’s partner together to transform our world.
Online Petitions:

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