Visionary Strategies

“Don’t Be Realistic! We never know what is possible until we put forth and promote that which is desirable and needed.”

~ Rabbi Michael Lerner

Our society is on a collision course and we need a dramatic intervention, one grounded in love, justice, compassion and nonviolence. Our solutions go beyond short-term compromises or approaches and dare to be “unrealistic.” Yet we know they are also necessary.

Where we focus our attention and what goals we set make a huge difference in where we end up, both personally and as a society. We recognize that the current economic and political systems of our country are fundamentally broken. Rather than work to tweak these systems, we advocate long-term solutions to transform these systems and put forth a vision of the world we want to create. And we also support concrete steps in the present linked to our larger vision that can both significantly improve the world now and prefigure the longer-term transformation we feel is essential.