Israel and Palestine Workshop

Grieving and Mourning Israel/Palestine & Communicating Across Differences


Are you upset about what is happening in Israel/Palestine?

Are you tired of the vitriolic discourse with friends, family members, or on social media?

Do you want to learn skills to communicate compassionately and effectively across differences? Want a safe place to grieve and mourn?

… If so, we have a workshop for you.

This training provides you an opportunity to be with others who care deeply about ending the suffering in the Middle East, and learn how to effectively communicate with others with whom you might not agree!

We offer workshops where you learn techniques to deal with your distress, rage, and upset about the situation in Israel and Palestine and have opportunities to learn and practice skills for hearing those who don’t agree with you and expressing yourself more effectively. You will leave feeling empowered to engage in healthy discourse, even with those with whom you disagree.

The workshop includes various mediums for self-expression and compassionate listening and speaking as well as teaching and coaching in Empathic Communication and conflict resolution. If you are interested in bringing this training to your community, please contact