NSP Song

CHORUS:  NSP, join with me, as we transform the world’s reality.
Love and kindness, radical amazement, peace and generosity! (2x)

Save the earth from environmental crisis, stop the wars, torture and poverty. Let our voices ring out, that we have no doubt that love and kindness will triumph—you will see!

In our Network of Spiritual Progressives we affirm science and spirit both. Domination replaced by love, gentleness placed above the world of power and might.

It’s time to end poverty and hunger, around the world and in the U.S. too. We have enough to share, with humility and care, we are one with all humanity, it’s true!


Don’t let them tell you to “be realistic,” in a world full of wars and poverty. Only fundamental change can transform a world deranged into one that works for all humanity.

The selfishness and greed that surround us, lead many to despair that things can change. Yet we know that people yearn for a world that can turn to love, peace and generosity!