All across the country and around the world people from all walks of life are getting together in NSP Groups to inspire one another, incarnate community, and influence public policy to build a caring society. You can join one of the groups below or start one yourself. To start a group or revive a group, please read our Starter Guide. We ask that people who are interested in starting a chapter join our next training for Spiritual Activists. To learn more about the training and find when we begin again, click here. If you are unable to participate in the training, please email and let her know. We can send you all the materials for the training and the recordings.

We look forward to working together!

Thank you for your engagement, support,and collaboration ~ NSP staff


Here is a list of local chapters and the names of individuals who have either started or would like to start a local chapter. You can contact them directly.


Prescott: Gregg Rooten is a member of the Network of Spiritual Progressives and is currently hosting an NSP chapter in the Prescott area. It meets every Tuesday morning to promote the New Bottom Line, particularly focusing on the current ESRA and Global Marshall Plan campaigns of NSP and related topics. If you are interested in joining Gregg in these efforts, please contact him at:


Berkeley: Join Cat Zavis, Executive Director of the NSP, in the local East Bay chapter. The Berkeley Chapter is focusing on two projects – (1) gaining endorsements from the Berkeley and Oakland City Councils for the ESRA and (2) bringing the values of the NSP to social change organizations and religious/cultural centers. Please come and join us for a productive evening of brainstorming and creating, and bring a friend! If you are interested in being involved, please email Cat at

Los Angeles: Philip Boche is interested in forming a chapter in Los Angeles. Please contact him at to get involved.

San Jose: A new chapter is forming and is looking for more members. It is a chapter to support the NSP program in ways to be determined by the group (and is separate from the engineering task force). This is a great opportunity to get involved from the start and participate in setting the direction and priorities. If you live anywhere near San Jose, please contact Joel Masser at


Boulder: Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman is interested in joining with others to create a NSP chapter or group in Boulder. As the group is newly forming, this is a great time to get involved and help shape the focus and direction of the group. Please contact Robert at


West/Central Coast (Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg): David Sinclair wishes to gather this new NSP chapter on West-Central Florida’s gulf coast. He states that a current objective of this chapter will be to prioritize advocacy and public awareness work to promote the New Bottom Line, particularly focusing on the current ESRA and Global Marshall Plan campaigns of NSP. How to transcend individual differences and working to reduce destructive community polarization, while challenging status-quo ideas will be on future agenda for sure. If interested, please e-mail David at

Pinellas Chapter: The Pinellas Chapter of the NSP is currently meeting on a monthly basis in St. Petersburg, Florida at 6168 1st Ave. N.  Presently, our focus is on building community and promoting the New Bottom Line and ESRA into our community. For updates and meeting times check out the Compassionate Citizens of St. Petersburg Facebook page or email Fred Clare @  Come and be part of the change you seek to see in the world for in unity we will succeed.


Cape Cod: This branch began in August 2016. About 10 of us meet monthly, and about 20 are on our member list. Our meetings have been devoted to creating a core group through collective consciousness raising and exploring the concepts in the NSP’s – A Path to a World of Love and Justice. Thus far, we have all participated in either the Women’s March or its sister marches on January 21, 2017, and our action focus has been racism/white privilege, pushback against Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration, and creating Safe Communities town by town on Cape Cod. We hope to expand in the direction of the New Bottom Line and the Environmental and Social Responsibility Act. For more information, please contact either Sharon Leder ( or Ken Campbell (


Lansing: Our chapter of the Network of Spiritual Progressives had our first meeting in December, 2016. We are dedicated to providing spiritual support for activists, fostering unity and solidarity among progressive groups counteracting “Trumpism,” and bringing spiritual values of caring, wonderment, respect for opposing points of view, and hope for what we can accomplish to local progressive movements. We were proud supporters of the Women’s March at the Michigan State Capitol on January 21, where nearly 40 people signed up to be on our mailing list. We represent a wide segment of the religious and secular communities, and are dedicated to and enthusiastic about making a difference at this critical time in history, and to learn best practices from other NSP chapters. Currently we meet the third Thursday evening of each month. For information, go to our Facebook page or contact Michael Zimmerman at .

New Jersey

Highland Park: We have had a handful of folks in the Highland Park, NJ area express a desire to form a chapter. We are looking for someone who is willing to take point on organizing chapter meetings in the area.

Knoxville: Travis Donoho, a long-time labor union organizer and NSP activist is interested is starting an NSP study group in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge area. If you are interested in participating, please contact him at


Houston: Stephen Findley is interested in starting a chapter. Please contact Stephen at to get involved.


Everett: Bob Trimble is involved in a lot of progressive causes in his community and is a member of the NSP. He is interested in gauging support for starting an NSP study group or chapter in the Everett area, possibly using Rabbi Michael Lerner’s book, The Left Hand of God or jumping right in with some of the concrete proposals and strategies of the NSP. If you are interested in joining him in these efforts, please contact him as soon as possible at