We are here to live lives of meaning and purpose, not to acquire money or things. Life is sacred and all beings are sacred. Love permeates the universe and the way to achieve a just world is by creating a loving world.

What We Believe

Most people yearn for a world of love and real human connection and to live meaningful lives that transcend material well-being, that tie us to the ongoing unfolding of spirit and consciousness, and that connect us with the inherent interdependence and love that permeates and inspires all being.

To achieve this world we need a multifaceted revolution – political, moral, cultural and spiritual – that awakens us to the dignity and value of all peoples, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, class, where they’ve come from or what they’ve done, and helps us connect with the beauty and awe of the universe. This revolution must be grounded in love for all people, for life, and for the planet.

We understand that living into this kind of world requires a deep understanding of the individualism, materialism and ethos of selfishness and greed that is infused into our lives on a daily basis. We learn, at a very young age, through our education system and the media, that to succeed we must put aside our craving for a loving world and focus on getting ahead at all costs. We abandon our desire for a loving world to be able to participate in the workplace with its prioritizing of money, power and fame above everything else.

We know that you too desire to live in a society that prioritizes connection, love, justice and peace. We hope you will join us in building that world.