Welcome to the Network of Spiritual Progressives!

Posted by cat.nsp

There are tens of millions of people around the world who want a world based on love, caring kindness, generosity and ethical and ecological sensitivity, only they don’t know you exist and you don’t know they exist. The media and our political leaders make spiritual progressives invisible. Progressive but secular social change movements often ignore the spiritual progressives amongst them. Even in liberal religious denominations, there is a severe split between those who believe that we can only be safe if we have power and domination over others, and those (spiritual progressives) who understand that the greatest safety can come through love and generosity toward others.

The Network of Spiritual Progressives can provide a way for all those who want a New Bottom Line and The Caring Society to become visible to each other and to work toward a world that is ecologically sustainable and filled with love and generosity. But to make that happen, WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US. And when you join, you’ll get online access to Tikkun Magazine (the part on their website that isn’t available to non-members).

In many places, we already have local projects of the NSP. And where it doesn’t exist yet, you can help us create a local group. But even if you just want to support the NSP financially, your membership is deeply appreciated and badly needed so that we can all feel empowered to affirm their own highest consciousness: that our well being (and even survival in the 21st century) depends on the well-being of everyone on this planet and on the well-beingt of the planet itself! Let that be our guide as we build the kind of world that the skeptics and cynics tell us is “unrealistic,” “utopian,” and impossible to achieve. Be part of the voice that insists that a world of love and generosity, of non-violence and caring for the earth, is the only rational path for the human race.

The NSP welcomes people of every faith and all people of good will. In every faith there is a struggle happening right now between those who hear God speaking as the force of power and domination and those who hear God speaking as the force of healing, transformation, love and generosity. As the Network of Spiritual Progressives, we put our spiritual values into practice by lifting up our voices and working together to make love and caring the new bottom line in our personal, civic and political lives. We are glad you are here!