A New Bottom Line: A Path to a World of Love and Social Transformation

1.       Through my life, my relationships and my political advocacy, I will create a society that promotes loving and caring relationships and families.

2.       I will take personal responsibility to live and interact in ways that build a world of love, kindness, amazement, generosity and peace.

3.       I will work to develop and support social structures and organizations that build a caring society by cultivating and rewarding love, kindness, wonder, generosity and peace.

4.       I will work to see that our education system teaches the values of love, caring, generosity, intellectual curiosity, tolerance, gratitude, awe and wonder at the universe, democratic participation and environmental responsibility.

5.       I will support and advocate for health care for all through a single payer national health program as an expression of my commitment to care for the health of my neighbors and fellow human beings.

6.       I will champion voluntary simplicity and ethical consumption, while working to change the global economy so that it is ordered in rational, caring and sustainable ways.

7.       I will stand up for a strategy of homeland security, immigration and foreign policy that is based on non-violence and generosity and that works to eliminate poverty in the U.S. and every other country.

8.       I will protect our society from fundamentalist attempts to impose a particular religion on everyone.  At the same time, I will also honor religion’s vital  voice in the public sphere.

This is the long-term vision at the heart of the Network of Spiritual Progressives.

We hope you will join us in making this pledge and living it together!

Print the pdf version of this pledge and keep it where you will see it often.

Print a colorful bookmark version of this pledge