A reader who supports Romney

Posted by Rabbi Michael Lerner

With all the hoopla in the media in connection with the coming Presidential Election, and your recent email soliciting funds, but also claiming to be open minded, which I seriously doubt, I was inspired to write a bit about why I intend to vote for Romney.
First of all, his shortcomings – Romney is much too mild mannered, a Clark Kent, a Mr. Niceguy bore, a checked pants Republican, to paraphrase Michael Savage, who so accurately and effectively addresses the matter. The key concept, however, is, “anybody but Obama.” There are all sorts of dubious items out there about Obama, aspersions, his favoring the Palestinians, the “Arab Spring” turning into an “Arab Winter,” like his expensive plane trips at taxpayer’s expense, a staggering national debt, absurdly high inflation, high unemployment, unbelievable depreciation of the currency, his downsizing of the military, lingering questions about where he was born, his Marxist leanings, his  being quoted on a clip as saying outright as favoring “redistribution,” that dreaded word, his past associations with violent radicals. With all this data piled up, it’s a no brainer – vote for Romney! Romney was a successful executive, a former governor. Obama was just a so-called “community organizer.” Anybody but Obama!
Will you actually print this letter of mine in your left wing, globalist magazine? Of course not! If you do, email me to that effect, and after I see it in print, on a hard copy of your TIKKUN magazine, after I fall down from the shock, I will probably buy 10 copies!
Shana Tova!  Ed Goldsmith

Rabbi Lerner responds: We are now working on our Spring 2013 issue, because our arrangement with our new publisher requires a 5 month lead time!!! So letters and articles that are more time-relevant (we are not going to be addressing who to vote for during the Nov. 2012 election in our April 2013 print edition) will be printed, like this one, on our NSP website.

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