January 2014

Posted by Rabbi Michael Lerner

BENEDICTION The dreams came night after night The fright of their eyes wide In the thunder clap Just before drowning The icy shroud of sea Engulfing flailing limbs and that terrible Small cry—hardly more than a kitten’s plea Cry of the youngest boy Face-to-face with a thing surely intended For older men’s gazes The sea’s [...]

Sharon Delgado: Fast Track to Hell

Posted by Sharon Delgado

If passed, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a monstrous trade agreement, will impact every aspect of our lives, and will be the final undoing of democracy itself. Fast track, if passed, will be a fast track to hell.

All babies’ individual rights to the pursuit of life and happiness must not be abridged or usurped; along with the rights of the trees in the forest they must be held as unalienable rights of all creatures. This must be upheld with devotion by the he…