March 2011

by John Guzlowski He didn’t know about the Rock of Ages or bringing in the sheaves or Jacob’s ladder or gathering at the beautiful river that flows beneath the throne of God. He’d never heard of the Baltimore Catechism either, and didn’t know the purpose of life was to love and honor and serve God. [...]

Rabbi Michael Lerner still courts controversy as he celebrates his magazine’s silver anniversary 03.22.11 – 9:20 pm | Asaf Shalev | San Francisco Bay Guardian Judge Richard Goldstone (left) and Rabbi Michael Lerner at Tikkun’s silver anniversary celebration Michael Lerner recently endured death threats, attacks on his house, and a cyber attack that shut [...]

By Steve Bhaerman “”It’s kind of hard to back Obama up when he keeps backing down.” – Swami Beyondananda I “treated” myself to a viewing of Inside Job last night, and never have I seen a more compelling exposĂ© on “gold collar crime.” Naturally, we see Reagan and both Bush Administrations helping to establish the absolute [...]