February 2011

Willie James King is a poet, educator, and actor who lives in Montgomery, Alabama. Visit his website at williejamesking.com. Flounder I was not drinking the night I leaned in- to our imagined banister, spooning jelly from a jar; we’d come into such frigid weather, but I did not know that far. At the top of [...]

Brad Jacobson has been a volunteer in Israel in the Sar-El program for many summers. His Israel travel experiences are published in the American Development and Internationalization News at the University of Missouri. He has a M.Ed in literacy from MU and currently studies teaching English to second language learners in the graduate program there. [...]

New Year Ritual Why does guilt burden us only once a year? Do our sins form such a heavy pack that we’re forced to stumble toward water and unload it perplexing all the fish below, knowing only too well our pack will fill again imperfect beings that we are. Wishes in Jerusalem’s Western Wall At [...]