Election 2012 Comments

A reader who supports Romney

Posted by Rabbi Michael Lerner

With all the hoopla in the media in connection with the coming Presidential Election, and your recent email soliciting funds, but also claiming to be open minded, which I seriously doubt, I was inspired to write a bit about why I intend to vote for Romney. First of all, his shortcomings – Romney is much [...]

Note that John Cusack is also opposed to the “Republican” right-wing extremists, so the transcript of this discussion is not a pro-Karl Rove or pro-Mitt Romney and company article. However, it points out things about Obama and about what most of the politicians of both “parties” in office recently and currently (regardless of their vaudeville-like [...]

In a democracy, people vote for the person they think is right; the person they think will do the right thing when they are in office. This is not idealism. This is the way people actually think and vote in a functional democracy. During a campaign, candidates explain what they think is right and what [...]