New Economy

We join together to build an economy that works for all of the human beings in our world, and that aids us in creating a sustainable and reverent relationship with our planet and with all other creatures. We believe that this can only happen when people have the constitutional power to hold corporations to high [...]

So we realized that the first demand of a pro-family program must be: Re-organize workplaces so that they produce services and goods that are genuinely desirable and needed by the human race. We demand a workplace in which people can come home feeling good about what they´ve contributed to humanity rather than feeling de-energized and ripped off by having wasted time all day. Give working people real respect and real power to shape the decisions at work.

I remember when a family member who had told his wife that he “worked for the City of Newark” was discovered to be employed as a bathroom cleaner for the city latrines. There were people in my family who were outraged that a good Jewish boy had failed to achieve a more honorable job for himself. As a pre-teen growing up in this society, I joined in the general family mockery. But when I was 22 and spent many months working on a kibbutz in Israel I learned to think very differently about all this. I got to attend a kibbutz buiness meeting and listened to the chairman of the meeting discuss some of the difficult issues facing the kibbutz. When I asked someone sitting next to me where he worked, I learned that he was the person who collected garbage and cleaned the latrines.