by Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun Magazine and co-chair of the NSP with Vandana Shiva We live in a world filled with loving and caring people. We all crave a world filled with love and care. Yet most of us doubt that we can experience a loving and caring world beyond our own private lives [...]

Join the Movement Starter Guide Subscribe to Tikkun Magazine Donate Revolution: The NSP Newsletter, October 2016 30th Anniversary Celebration and Conference Did you know Tikkun is celebrating its 30th year? Amazing, right? We hope you will consider joining us at the event; Saturday, November 12th will be a full day event (with morning spiritual practices available for those who [...]

Revolution: The NSP Newsletter, June 2016 Wow, what a month it’s been! As you may be aware, Rabbi Lerner was invited to speak at Muhammed Ali’s memorial, and boy did he speak! As can be expected from Rabbi Lerner, he spoke prophetic truth to those in power, many of whom were in the audience at the [...]